Earth on my Nerves

by The Hedons

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Released June 21st, 2011 by Resin Hit Records

Formed shortly after the dissolution of Indy doom giants NECROPHARMACON in the hot summer of 2010, THE HEDONS are an unapologetic hybrid of punk, fuzz, doom, and psychedelic rock. Composed of Jeff Kaleth on guitars and effects, Ryan Strawsma on bass and low-end, and Jace Epple on drums and percussion, this power trio blends an elegant dance of hypnotic and screechy exclamations with guitar and bass-driven melodies. Driven and inventive, this band is all about the release, in whatever shocking form of pleasure it may take.


released June 21, 2011

THE HEDONS - Earth on my Nerves

Jace Epple - Drums and Backup Vox
Jeff Kaleth - Guitars and Vox
Robert Ryan Strawsma - Bass and Vox

- Recorded at Crunchtone Studios in Indianapolis, IN-
- Engineered and Produced by Jeff Kaleth and The Hedons
- Mastered by Ed Littman

All music and lyrics written by The Hedons © 2011
Album artwork by Rikke Jansen -
Promotional artwork by Adam Black -

Special Thanks:
Our families, Bill Goodman, Adam Black, Suzette McNew, Rikke Jansen, Karl Vaughn, Alex Turner, Michael Naish, Mark Powers Jim Mathews, Tiffany and Jeff Parks, Ian Gerber, The Mound Builders, Giraffes Eating Lions, The Melody Inn, Jeriliee’s Pub and Docs



all rights reserved


The Hedons Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Big Bang
Hail power in check
Big brain corrodes
There’s something urgent
This room’s gonna explode

Painting my mind
Atomic blue
Building inside
I’m coming unglued
Track Name: Atomic Blue
Why don’t you dig deep inside
And rip my heart out
I’ve got nothing left to give to you
Down on my knees
And you watch me crawl

You gotta be so cold - SO TAKE IT RIGHT OUT
Your shit is getting old - SO TAKE IT RIGHT OUT
You gotta be so cold - SO TAKE IT RIGHT OUT
Now take your dog - AND GET THE FUCK OUT

Been in this game for far too long
And I’ve had enough
I’ve got nothing left to break in two
So blind my eyes
And watch me fall
Track Name: Intergalactic Prism
The Witch Head Nebula
Thus spake Zarathustra
Beyond time, beyond space
Beyond the human race

Trip through the galaxy
This endless ecstasy
You can’t speak, you can’t feel
You don’t know what is real
Track Name: Psychocillibin
It was the Fourth of July
Went to sleep and I thought I had died
There was a fungus growing in my brain

Crawling in my shell to hide
Gotta get me out of this Kaleidoscope

The ceiling spoke in tongues that night
I laid down and then I realized
Skin me alive
Track Name: Swimming the Witch
You say you can talk to spirits
That there’s something more to this world
That’s confliction with religion
Follow me to the lake now


It just takes a pointed finger
Strip you bare under the hot sun
Dunk you deep into the water
Nineteen led unto the slaughter
Track Name: Helluva Ride
Take a trip on an acid drip
The oracle will take you to the other side
The green naked people are dancing with you
On a long mountain hella-coaster ride

Time for a new way of thinking
It’s gonna be one helluva ride
Time for a new set of values
It’s gonna be ONE HELLUVA RIDE

Rolling down to the Zuma sand
Take one step to the edge of the sun
The oracle is breaking in two
The mountains crumble before your eyes